3 Reasons Why Apple is a Top Brand

Apple is the world’s top-selling tech-brand; still, it is more than just selling. 

Why? Let us find out. 

I had an interesting experience with Apple that made me figure out why Apple is a distinctive brand. 

During my studies at the University of California at San Diego UCSD, I was using Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop. 

I was happy with this laptop. It was convenient, light, fast, and trendy back then. 

One time I had a problem with the software that I couldn’t fix myself. 

During that time, there was a beautiful Microsoft store at Fashion Valley Mall. 

At the same mall, there was also an Apple Store. Both stores were similar to each other. But wait!

I made an appointment online with the Microsoft store at noontime the next day. 

I took my laptop and arrived at the store 10 minutes earlier to my appointment. 

I waited for my appointment, but no one called me. Ten minutes after 12, I approached one of the staff to inquire about my appointment. 

The staffer told me that they were short on staff, so I have to wait until I get served. 

I waited for another 40 minutes, but nobody showed up. I was getting agitated for being ignored. 

20 minutes later, one of the staffers came to me with an attitude. I had to put up with the attitude to get my issue resolved. 

After ten minutes of explaining my issue, she replied that she could not fix it. 

I was very disappointed with that experience. I didn’t say anything. I took my laptop and went back to my place. Yet, I figured out one thing. 

Although Microsoft and Apple had similar and wonderful stores, the experience was different. 

Ten months after this experience, I wanted to buy a MacBook Air and an iPad for my kids. 

They went with me to the Apple store, located close to that Microsoft store. 

Once my kids and I entered the Apple store, one of the staffers came to us with a sincere smile on his face. 

We explained to him what we wanted. He happily brought us the MacBook and iPad and did all the extra work of registering the two devices for the kids. Above all, he gave us a free $299 Beats Headset since I was a student at UCSD.

After those two experiences, I figured out that Microsoft was trying to follow the Apple way. So, why was Microsoft trying to be Apple; nevertheless, Microsoft had amazing products that were distinctive as well.

Four years after those two incidents, Microsoft announced that it would close 83 stores of its physical stores. 

No wonder why Microsoft would do that; eventually, they figured out that they are not Apple. 

As a reflection of these two incidents and the Microsoft announcement, I started to mull over how Apple has become a top brand. 

Accordingly, I came up with these three interrelated and sequential reasons that made Apple a top brand:

1- Lifestyle: 

If you search the net to check what is the best Airpods, you can find that it is not Apple. 

If you look for the top-selling smartphone worldwide, you will find that it is not the iPhone. 

Still, people around the world buy Apple products that they find appealing. 

So, what is the deal here?

The deal is that Apple has transpassed the wants and desires of its customers. It has gone ahead to meet the aspirations of its customers and prospects. 

The aspiration has become a lifestyle, whereby this lifestyle has created a global Apple community. 

The community’s members can indulge the connectedness that Apple has formulated with its applications, iCloud, and wearables. 

Your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is your base. That is why Apple always pursues to spur its community with what is coming next, iPhone 12, iPad Air, or MacBook Pro. Once you got spurred, you start feeling that you need to renew that base. 

apple brand macbook

apple iphone 12

apple ipad-pro

To keep you connected to your device and make your switching costs higher, Apple brings Apple Watch 6 and SE or Airpods Pro 2.

apple brand watch 6

This connection is a lifestyle. 

This is how Apple has become a lifestyle that leads a trend rather than just a fad that could fade away soon. 

The connection, that Apple has managed to create and maintain through its product and services, is one of the main pillars of its brand image. 

2- Experience:

The brand experience is one of the main emotional motivations that either pulls you towards the brand if it is enjoyable or pushes you against it if is unpleasant. 

That is why any brand or business, if it seeks to build and maintain its brand image, always pursues to give its customers an enjoyable experience. 

In turn, Apple endeavors to transform the associated lifestyle into a pleasant experience you live or aspire to live. 

The experience you gain from using Apple’s products and services tend to augment your connectedness with the Brand. 

Based on these factors, lifestyle and experience become the customer’s aspiration to enjoy Apple’s brand more. 

The customer is now attached to the brand and looking for more products or services from Apple. 

A live example of how Apple reinforce its product experience is the new Airpod Max Pro

apple airpod max pro

When you look at this product, you can have a clearer idea of what we trying to explain. 

By looking at this brand, you get the feeling to try this lovely product. This is phase one. 

Now comes phase two, which is to live the experience. 

With more enjoyable experiences, you cannot get enough of Apple. 

This is the difference between the Microsoft Store and the Apple Store. 

3- Value

So far, you have a lifestyle and experience. To make it a full cycle, the value needs to come in place. 

A brand is about the value proposition. When you have a certain physical or emotional connection with a brand, you expect value in return. 

During this phase, you create a certain perception of this value. 

This perceived value has to address your functional, financial, and psychological risks. 

In other words, when you buy a product or service from this brand, it should worth the money, efforts, and thinking you put in. 

So when you find the experience and lifestyle you expect to enjoy, you gain the value that you are promised to have.

Now, you can identify why Apple is different.

If it is just about functionality, other brands like Samsung and Huawei can give you high-quality products like Samsung S20 FE or Huawei Nova 8 SE. 

samsung s20 fe

huawei Nova 8 se

If it is just about the price, Samsung Watch 3 or Huawei Watch GT2 are cheaper than Apple Watch 6. 

Smart watches collection

Yet, for Apple lovers, it is different. It is the feel and look. It is an experience and lifestyle, on the one hand, and value on the other. 

Apple is a top brand

We hope that you can recognize how Apple is a top brand worldwide.

We believe that Apple, in a way or another, is aware of all these aspects.

This is why it is always proactive and ahead of the market. To be a top brand, you need to be innovative, daring, and caring.

It is how brands transcend the desires and wants of customers and prospects, and become an aspiration.

On top of that, Apple has the iCloud, Apple Pay, and Apple One services, which make your connectedness more appealing.

While iCloud makes your connection with your base, apps, and data omnipresent, One service is a collection of services like music, movies, games, and news in one bundle of your choice.

Unfortunately, the Apple Pay service is not available worldwide yet. This service is a game-changer in the digital world, especially with its installment payment program.

Moreover, Apple is known for its high-security standards that make your devices more secure.

Apple is becoming a holistic solution, which augments its position as a top brand for a longer time.

So whoever thinks to compete with Apple, the battle is not getting any easier.

Apple is a top brand, no kidding.

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