About Us

Jordan Blogger is about a unique content that reflects the needs and desires of online and offline shoppers, who are seeking to enjoy their shopping journey.

It was established in 2020 after thorough research and study of both consumer behaviors and market trends. As a result, we, as Jordan Blogger, found out that there was a gap between what shoppers sought and what the market offered. Consequently, the idea of creating valuable and trustworthy content, in English and Arabic, came to life to help the audience find what they want at less cost, time, and effort.

Less cost, time, and effort do not mean compromising integrity. Therefore, we must ensure that all the information provided is reliable and credible. At the same time, we need to present it in a simple, reader-friendly manner.

To balance integrity and simplicity, we adopt the following measures:

  • All the information provided on this site is cited and referenced professionally.

  • Adding Real-life examples from experienced persons to make the content closer to reality.

  • Content is taxonomized into five main categories: Shopping, Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Technology.

  • Comparing the information with more than one source to avoid bias or marketing-related content.

By doing this, we seek to present unique, well-rounded content that combines literature reviews, scientific perspectives, customers’ reviews, and experiences. Consequently, the result will be insightful information about trendy and useful products and services. It serves both online and offline shopping.

Well, what makes our website unique is mainly two things. First, it focuses on enjoyable content, away from politics or any political affiliation. It is about either solutions for problems facing the audience or insights that tell them what is useful for them about the said categories.

Second, it offers the content in two languages, English and Arabic. Thus, we try to reach as much as we can from various audiences’ spectrums.

To make it more enjoyable, Jordan Blogger has a comment and contact us features, which allows readers to interact and express their concerns, remarks, and insights.

Hence, we encourage constructive interaction to build trust with our esteemed audience. Your contribution, either a concern, remark, or thought, is highly appreciated. We even welcome anybody who likes to write on our website as a guest writer.

Since this site is all about credible and reliable copywriting, we moderate comments and contributions to ensure high-quality standards.

Therefore, our core values of integrity, respect, trust, and equality are non-negotiable. Our core values shape the vision and mission the website embraces.

Our vision is to become an enjoyable social shopping platform, where people can share useful experiences and exchange reliable and credible content on what the market offers.

Our mission is to offer our audience trustworthy copywriting that is useful and interesting to help them enjoy their shopping journey. We seek to make shopping, especially online an appealing process rather than a worrying experience.

With online shopping being ubiquitous, we highly respect our audience’s privacy. We do not share or publish any personal information, especially with third parties. For more details, you can visit our page on Privacy and Terms and Conditions.

Moreover, if you would like to contribute any writings, we can publish them on the site for you either under your name or as a ghostwriter condition. The same thing applies to emails that you send us through Contact Us.

On the other hand, for more transparency and credibility, we do not permit comments under fake names. Comments that violate the site’s code of conduct, will not be published. However, you can opt to omit or edit your comments by contacting us.

In a nutshell, this site works as a market intelligence shopping tool for customers. It searches the web, social media, and experts’ insights on behalf of the audience.

Therefore, it listens, feels, and acts upon what the audience wants. You are the engine of what this website can offer.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.