Does Anti-Wrinkle Creams Really Work? Let Us Find Out

What do trusted sources say about Anti-Wrinkle Creams?

Many brands claim that their anti-wrinkle creams are effective and increase face vitality. 

But how true these claims are? Let us find out. 

According to Mayo Clinic , over-the-shelf wrinkle creams aren’t classified as medications. Therefore, their effectiveness depends on the ingredients they use.

Anti-wrinkle creams are usually moisturizers containing active ingredients to boost their benefits. So, such moisturizers can enhance the look of your skin and make wrinkles less visible.

How should I know the good ones?

You need to be heedful of the ingredients of anti-wrinkle moisturizer before you buy it.  Product’s ingredients and combination is a critical factor for its effectiveness.

To help you out, below are the common ingredients that could help enhance how your skin looks like:

  1. Retinoids: an alternate term for vitamin A compounds like retinol and retinoic acid.
  2. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C could protect your skin from sun damage and reduce wrinkles
  3. Hydroxy Acids: Alpha Hydroxy Acids contain glycolic, citric, and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells.
  4. Coenzyme Q10: It also helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
  5. Peptides: it helps enhance skin texture and reduce wrinkling.
  6. Tea Extracts: they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  7. Grape Seed Extracts: induce collagen production.
  8. Niacinamide: relates to vitamin B-3, which may help skin flexibility.

As mentioned earlier, over-the-counter products are not pure medications, so they are considered a sort of cosmetics. Consequently, their effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Which one should I choose?

To minimize your bets, you need to know what type of skin you have and how sensitive it is towards these ingredients. Be mindful of their side effects. Thus, the quality of the product is very critical.

So, let us see which of the products that can somehow match the above-mentioned ingredients or their alternative and be a good pick. 

After doing extensive research, we found out that a product called Dr. Dennis Gross – Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

This product might not have all the ingredients mentioned above, but it has a long list of other ingredients as well. 

However, what drew our attention is the reviews it got. This product can be found in a well-know seller like Sephora, where it has good reviews (4.1 out of 5). You can find it also on Amazon (4.3 out of 5), and it is priced at $75. 

Jordan Blogger always likes to double-check their findings. So, we found another rating at Influenster review, which got 4.5 out of 5.

There is even more! Dr. Dennis Gross product is used by celebrities like Emily Ratajkowsky. You can check it yourself at InStyle and see how it helps her glow.

anti wrinkle creams

More anti-wrinkle creams:

As we said before, there are many anti-wrinkle creams in the market that claim to be good. 

Yet, the following anti-wrinkle creams have good expert and customers reviews:

Algenist: Genius Sleeping CollagenIt has  a customer rating average of 4.6/5 at Sephora. However, it has few negative reviews about its texture. But Overall it has positive reviews

anti wrinkle creams genius

anti wrinkle creams

[Disclaimer: Although these products have positive reviews and recommendations from some experts,  what suits others might not suit you. You need to be aware of your skin types and any sensitivity to any of its ingredients. Using any of these products is at your own discretion. It is recommended to consult your doctor if you have any concerns].

How can I buy them?

As a valuable member of Jordan Blogger, we are keen to give our audience a comprehensive solution. Not only we provide you with insights about trendy products, but we also help you have it.

You can refer to our blog on online shopping and choose the service you find soothing. Rule of thumb, be mindful and check reviews, ratings, and consult others who used the service before.

You may save few dollars with cheaper service, but remorse feeling and your face worth much more than that. Be a smart shopper as always.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that we are not biassed toward any of the products or services we promote. We lay out what we find as bare facts and leave the decision up to you.

We are here to help you. You can reach us at Contact Us page and we will more than happy to get back to you. 

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