Are Sugar Alternatives Safe? What About Monk Fruit

Are Sugar Alternatives Good for Reducing Your Weight and keeping you healthy.

Sugar is considered a major concern for those who are looking for losing their weight and have a healthy body.

Sugar alternatives or sweeteners are very popular methods to lose weight and maintain low blood sugar levels.

But the question is, are they safe? and if so, what are the good ones?

To answer this big question, let us refer to science and see what it tells us about these alternatives.

According to Mayoclinic, sweeteners may help in losing weight, and maintain blood sugar levels.

However, before going this road, we need to know some facts.

First: natural or artificial:

It is worth mentioning that the terms used to describe sweeteners (natural and artificial) are sometimes misconceived.

Claimed to be natural sweeteners, are sometimes processed and refined. Stevia is one example.

On the other hand, artificial sweeteners can be extracted from a naturally occurring substance like sucralose.

Second: side effects:

Some concerns about artificial sweeteners indicate that they cause health problems like cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute and others, there is no solid scientific evidence claiming that any of the approved sweeteners in the US cause critical health issues.

In the US, artificial sweeteners must be approved or generally recognized (GRAS) before going to the market.

As for natural sweeteners, which are also known as added sugars, can be artificially processed and may not add any health benefit.

Third: how are they used?

As a rule of thumb, it is very important to use any type of sugar alternatives in moderation because too much could harm you.

You need to check with your doctor before taking any, especially if you suffer from any health issues.

Fourth: what are the good ones?

OK, so far we only tackled some aspects of alternative sugars, but which one should you use if you are either looking for a healthier solution or losing weight?

One type of alternative sugars that is gaining popularity is called Monk Fruit Extract.

sugar alternatives monk fruit

According to Healthline, Monk fruit extract is natural and has almost no calories.

Also, it is over 100 times sweeter than sugar and is claimed to have antioxidant attributes. It contains natural sugars like fructose and glucose.

Monk Fruit Extract gained its FDA approval in 2010 as “generally recognized as safe (GRAS)”.

Yet, its effect on weight has not been proved. In general, low-calorie sugar alternatives could help in reducing weight if used properly.

You can deduce the connection!.

In terms of side effects, there is no harmful issue reported so far. So, it appears to be a safe and healthy sugar alternative.

Still, more evidence is needed for its effectiveness on weight reduction.

Now, let us compare it with one of the most popular sweeteners, Stevia:

Healthline indicates that Stevia is over 200 times sweeter than sugar. Although it is made from a compound of an Asteraceae family herb, FDA has not approved whole crude stevia extracts as a food additive.

They claim that some studies indicate that it may affect blood sugar, heart, and kidney systems. The FDA has approved certain refined stevia products as GRAS. Confusing….right!

Although stevia sweetener has no calories and usually doesn’t increase blood sugar levels, it is highly refined.

If you are allergic to Asteraceae family products, it may cause an allergic reaction.

Although Stevia and Monk Fruit Extracts almost have no nutrient benefits, they are marketed as a natural sugar alternative. This is relative but Stevia is more refined than Monk Fruit.

These are the major characteristics of sugar alternatives. It is a concise comparison between a well-known alternative and a growing in popularity product.

How to make sure if it is the right one for me?

For sure there are more types to consider. Before you waste your time and keep searching for what is best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is really bothering me? taste, health issues, or just weight?
  • Does taste issue matter? Or only benefits matter?
  • How much you can pay for a high-quality product?
  • How much tolerant are you for any side effects, if there is any?
  • Most importantly, what your body and doctor tell you?

Regardless of what you see in the market, you need to be sure about the quality of the product and mindful of the quantity you consume.

Too much can be harmful.

What is a good brand?

If you are interested in Monk Fruit Extracts, Lakanto can be a good and affordable brand. It has an average customer rating out of 5: 4.8 on the Netrition website and 4.6 on Amazon.

lakanto monk fruit sugar alternatives

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Lakanto claims that this product tastes like sugar, zero glycemic, and perfect for coffee and making deserts.

It also has the highest rating comparing to other tested low-calorie sweeteners on Northernnester in terms of versatility, flavor, digestibility, and consistency.


How I can get it?

Jordan Blogger completes its service by providing good buying and shipping options.

You can find Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener at Amazon, iHerb, or directly from the Lakanto website.

If you want it to be shipped and delivered to your doorsteps, Tojarcom is a highly recommended service. To make sure of your preferred service check Tojarcom reviews. It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

All you need is to relax and select what you want. Enjoy it!!

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