Best Earbuds in 2020; It is Not Apple Airpods!

Apple AirPods Pro 2 may not be the best one; there is more you should be aware of!

We could not argue that Apple AirPods Pro 2 is a trendy and should-have gadget, especially for those who are a big fan of Apple products.

But there is more in the tech market that can give you the same features as those of Apple’s, or even more, with less price.

We searched the net for the best wireless earbuds and found out that three of the most well-known tech-savvy websites did not put AirPods Pro 2 at the top of the list.

Which one is number 1?

  • The owner of the number 1 title varies. The Verge gives number one to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus as an everyday listening.

It provides great sound, has an 11-hour battery life of non-stop listening, and comes in a variety of colors. But they lack the noise cancellation feature.

You can get it from Amazon starting at $139, or from Samsung Directly starting $149.99

  • But Techradar has a different opinion. It gives number one to Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds.

They “combine noise cancellation with fist-pumping musicality”, but could be not suitable for sports activities. You can get it from Amazon starting at $178

  • Cnet gives the title to Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 as the best-sounding earbud.

It has noise cancellation and is water-resistant. You can buy it from Amazon for $284.

How AirPods Pro is ranked?

apple airpods

For Apple lovers, AirPods Pro is not far off the top. It ranks number two on The Verge, number 3 on Cnet, and number 6 on Techradar.

They have good noise cancellation, a better design than the previous one, but it has only one color. You can get it from Amazon for $234, or from Apple for $249.

We believe that Apple didn’t get number one as it was considered a little bit pricey, comparing it with the same level rivals.

Which one should I pick?

This is an open-ended question because the answer is relative to a person’s personal choice and preferences. And, it more depends on what you need them for.

For example, if you need them for longer hours, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is your choice, whereas if you look for high-quality sound and less money to pay, then you are good at Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds.

If you are all about enjoying the beats of sound during your sports activities, your choice revolves around  Jabra Elite Active 75t. “It is water-resistant, full sound, and doesn’t budge during runs”. But it lacks active noise cancellation.

It actually got number 1 ranking also on Wirecutter. The bonus is that you can get it from Amazon for only $149.99.

Wait, Beats didn’t miss the game. They have actually a very appealing running headphone called Powerbeats Pro, and it is considered number one on Techradar.

It has good sound but with limited noise isolation. You can get it from Amazon for $199.95, or from beatsbydre for the same price.

But if you are an Apple lover and price is not an issue for you, AirPods Plus is the one and only.

What if I want cheaper ones with decent quality?

There is a principle in marketing called the “second-best option“. It can draw your attention when the best option is far higher in price than the second in line without a big margin of quality.

We believe that many manufacturers and producers are aware of this concept. That is why we see many good-quality products at a much lesser price.

The problem with these affordable wireless earbuds is that the list is very elastic and opinions are multivariate. However, we believe we can give you some tips on how to choose.

According to our research and scoring, you can have three choices:

  • JLab JBuds Air: it has a bass-forward sound, water-resistant, but it has a slightly bulky design. It can be bought from Amazon for only $49.
  • Mpow X3: best noise-canceling under $60. It has a powerful bass and good call quality. You can get it from Amazon for $59.99.
  • Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2: It has a good quality, but it is a little bit pricey, compared with the previous ones. The price is  $99.99 on Amazon with 4.2 out of 5 ratings.

Don’t be confused!

There are many more wireless earbuds in the market. Even Google has made one (Pixel Buds 2). But we didn’t include it in the list because it is still a newcomer and it would be unfair if we compare it with the heavy-weight ones.

To help you make the right decision, you need first to identify what you are as a customer. Are you price or brand-sensitive? The first list is considered premium brands, whereas the second one is affordable brands.

If you can answer this question, problem solved and surely you know the answer by then as we gave you two major categories to choose from.

But if you are in the middle; you want a premium brand (but not a loyal fan for Apple) with less pricey you can go for either Samsung or Sony.

How I can get it?

There are multiple methods you can refer to to buy the earbuds you want. However, when it comes to technology and premium brands, return policy and product warranty become a critical issue.

Therefore, we recommend to buy it from trusted sources either from the local market or from overseas. You need it to be with a warranty.

P.S. It should be pointed out that there is a difference between water-resistant and water-proof. The first doesn’t mean that water cannot enter during swimming for example, while with the second you can swim but each type has a certain proof limit.

That’s it!

We hope you find this information useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your comment so we can always be at your expectations.

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