Foldable smartphones; Do I need One? Probably Not!

foldable smartphones

Foldable smartphones look intriguing. But do you think it is practical? Are we ready for this new trend? 

When Apple introduced the iPhone, it made a revolution in the mobile industry.  So, smart tech-brands followed suit, but some did not see it coming. 

Maybe no one would have expected that Nokia would be dethroned from the mobile market that soon. Even Nokia itself couldn’t believe that could happen. 

But it just happened. 

What happened between Apple and Nokia is called disruptive technology. It is when a new technology comes and makes the previous one obsolete.  Continue reading “Foldable smartphones; Do I need One? Probably Not!”

What Technology I Really Need? Maybe Maslow Has The Answer

technology need maslow

We are in a fast-moving world of technology that can make it hard for us to absorb? Let us see what Maslow’s Pyramid has to say. 

The funny thing that it seems you need technology to choose your should-be technology!! So weird!

You need technology to protect yourself from another technology!

Or you need technology to facilitate the use of another technology. 

In sum, technologies are everywhere. You name it: mobile phones, computers, appliances, vehicles, sports, houses, and services. 

Above all of that is the word ‘smart‘! Continue reading “What Technology I Really Need? Maybe Maslow Has The Answer”

3 Reasons Why Apple is a Top Brand

Apple is the world’s top-selling tech-brand; still, it is more than just selling. 

Why? Let us find out. 

I had an interesting experience with Apple that made me figure out why Apple is a distinctive brand. 

During my studies at the University of California at San Diego UCSD, I was using Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop. 

I was happy with this laptop. It was convenient, light, fast, and trendy back then.  Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Apple is a Top Brand”

7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Laptop


What are the essential technical specifications for laptops I Need to Know?

If you are confused and don’t know how to choose a laptop, You are not alone.

For anyone, who is not tech-savvy and doesn’t have much technical information about computers, things could go fuzzy.

It could take you days to decide which laptop to pick, especially when you have kids and do not want to go over budget. Continue reading “7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Laptop”

How To Choose a Laptop and Not Get Disappointed?

best laptops

Laptops are everywhere, but which one is good for me is the question to answer!

We made it very easy for you so you can choose the right laptop with no hustle.

But, before we get into the right laptop, we advise you to read this blog so you can be familiar with some essential technical stuff about computers.

If you have this knowledge already, no worries, you can go right away to action and look at our recommendations. Continue reading “How To Choose a Laptop and Not Get Disappointed?”