Face Makeup is Your Beauty ID. Read The Full Story

Find out how face-makeup can help you get the look you want.

In this blog, we are going to help you have the right formula for showing your best look.

Whether you like or not, makeup is what you need to look different. I believe this is why it is there!

You may say that makeup is superficial and can only change the aesthetic side, not the real one.

This could be true, but makeup is also an art of reflection. It can be a way of expression and revelation.

Regardless of your background, color,  and belief, it can be for you and anyone else.

It is your safe haven. You can put it on and no need for anyone to see it but yourself.

If you like it, you can express it and let anyone you want to see new you.

If not, you can remove it and still be who you are.  At least you have tried it

In the end, maybe this all what you need, look different from the outside but the same from the inside.

And always remember ” you are beautiful no matter what they say”.

Well, let us see how we can do it:

To have it a full story, we had to dig into the world of cosmetics and collect info about what women seek.

It was huge, interesting, and enjoyable.

But to learn how we can do face-makeup the right way, we need to understand the process and its components.

Accordingly, we divided it into four modules:

First: Face-makeup products.

But the face is composed of several parts. Each part has its own needs.

Cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, which is the area doted in blue, excluding the area doted in yellow

face beauty

Makeup products needed for this area are moisturizer, setting powder, primer, foundation, bronzing bricks, highlighter, concealer, illuminator, and blusher.

For Lips, it is the area inside the yellow dots in the below image.

lips makeup

Makeup products for this area are lipstick, lip gloss, and lipliner.

To be more specific lipliner is for the area between the yellow and green dots. It is to give lips more definition

Lipstick and lip gloss can be applied all over the area inside the yellow dots.

The last one is for eyes, which is the area inside the yellow dots in the following pic.

eyes makeup

For eye makeup, we need brow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow, dipbrow pomade, eyeliner, waterline eyeliner, and concealer. 

To understand how we apply makeup for the eye, let us identify the eye parts, which is depicted in the image below:

eye parts

Before getting into the next part, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer can be used for all the parts of the face, except for the mouth maybe.

Second: selecting the right brush for each part of the face.

There are around 16 types of brushes. Each one of these types serves its purpose to give you the edge you want.

makeup brushes

If you don’t want many brushes,  you can cut it short to around 6-8 brushes.  You can see that in the coming tutorial videos.

The type and shape of the brush are important as it gives you the definition that makes your face glow.

These brushes come into two shapes, angled or flat, to give more edge definition.

In addition to the brushes above, two more brushes-like tools can be multi-used for face makeup.

The first one is actually a sponge but acts as a brush. It is called the Beauty Blender

beauty blender

The second one is called the Kabuki brush.

kabuki brush

The Kabuki brush looks like the traditional men-shaving brush. It has a short, wide base with a wider brush🤭 .

With this kind of shape, it can be used for applying foundation, powder, and blush. It is practical.

As for the beauty blender, it is more practical as it can be used almost for everything related to face makeup except for pencil, mascara, or liner brushes.

It is a matter of personal preference.

Third: complexion and skin type.

This is actually a very critical aspect as most of your makeup process and product selection depends on these two factors.

Complexion runs from very fair to very dark brown. In total, there are six types:

They are:

  • Type 1: very fair
  • Type 2:  fair
  • Type 3: medium or light tan
  • Type 4:  olive or regular tan
  • Type 5:  Brown or dark
  • Type 6: Very dark or brown

Every complexion has its own beauty and distinguished look.

Remember, makeup is for everybody. 

As for the skin, there are four major skin types:

  • Normal skin or balanced-skin: not too dry or too oily
  • Dry skin: rough and less supple.
  • Oily skin: thick and might have pimples
  • Combination: some parts are oily and some parts are dry.

As for dry and oily skin types, there are multiple variations for each type.

There is the light dry, which can be treated with some ointment or moisturizers.

The very dry needs more care and treatment, which could require medication.

The same thing goes for oily skin. less oily skin can be treated with washing or cleansing, while very oily skin needs medical attention.

Therefore, you need to mindful of your skin type, especially if you have dry or oily skin. It may need to be cleansed and moisturized before applying the makeup.

Fourth: the occasion and time.

It is relatively true that there is one makeup form for almost all occasions. However, to look different you might need to skip this😇.

It is better to have makeup forms for different major occasions.

Mind you, what we are talking about here is minor touches that could make you different and fresh.

You don’t need to make an extreme makeover. This is why knowing the makeup process helps you tweak simple touches to have different look.

Bottom line, the time and types of occasion matter.

The makeup you need when you wake up and head to work or meeting is different from the one you need for a wedding or gala dinner.

Accordingly, we can summarize types of face makeup into four major categories:

  • Natural look: This one is about going with your natural color and looks with adding some enhancements.

It is a light form of face makeup including eyes and lips.

natural makeup look


This can be ideal for morning, hanging out with friends, and casual encounters.

  • Evening makeup: It is a heavier makeup than the natural one.

You can add more colors, shades, and define eyes and lips with more liners.  Cheeks, chin, and forehead can be contoured, highlighted, and illuminated.

evening makeup look

This type of makeup can fit a wedding, gala dinner, and other formal night occasions.

  • Bridal makeup: This is a unique and special occasion.

We need to admit this one should go to a professional makeup artist.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but it should be done with extra care and no risks 👰

bridal makeup

Bridal makeup has several forms and looks.

It should be up to the occasion. So, you can go for extra glittering, shining, and brightening.

Yet, it needs to be compatible with your skin, complexion, and contours.

It is more of a celebrity makeup like Kim Kardashian’s stylish makeup.

Kim kardashian

Glam style is about giving more definition to the eyes, brows, lashes, and lips.

It also entails applying more contouring and illuminator on the cheeks to pop up the cheekbone.

By the way, glam can go with other types of face makeup mentioned earlier.

So, we can call it a style rather than a type 😉

Now, let us see how to make it

Honestly, no words or images can give you the making like a tutorial video.

So, we picked these three videos that are simple, expressing, and enjoyable.

The first one could be long,  but it is simple and informative.

Watch and enjoy:

I hope it was useful.

As we said earlier that she didn’t use all the brushes, just the essential ones.

The makeup was not so heavy. It can serve you for several occasions, especially the evening ones.

Now, we come to the morning and natural, simple look.

We picked this short video, in which you can learn to do makeup in 5 minutes.

It is more economic, simpler, and faster makeup, but delivering.

Maybe this is all you need.

The last video is a bonus if you are interested in glam makeup. It is Kim Kardashian.


Out of all this presentation, we want to underline major aspects of face-makeup:

  • I know we didn’t include the neck and ears as part of the face makeup.

Yet, it is critical for your look that the colors you use for your face to apply it on the neck and ears coherently to avoid color discrepancy.

  • Try to make your makeup look natural regardless of its occasion. So, don’t overdo it.

If there is anything you want to hide or change to another look, do it smoothly and coherently. 

It is all about edges, reflections, and accentuating the main parts of the face in a natural, compatible manner.

  •  Makeup products like contouring, highlighters, liners, shadow, bronzer,  and illuminators are for definition.

They are also for popping up face parts like cheeks and eye bones, lips,  and making your nose slim and sharp:

cheeks and nose makeup

  • Makeup products like powder, foundation, color corrector, and concealer are for unifying face color.

So, you can create a smooth surface, where you can add the product mentioned in the previous point.

  • Makeup products like setting powder, primer, moisturizer are the first step in the makeup process to create a balanced coherent surface
  • Always wash the face before starting the makeup process.

What are the best products?

This is actually a very important matter, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of information.

However, you can refer to our article on best drugstore makeup brands and enjoy affordable makeup products.

Therefore, there will be another blog that tackles this matter thoroughly and deeply.

Another matter is the natural makeup products, which also need another complete blog.

Stay tuned, we will get back to you with more exclusive stuff.




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