How to Reduce Shipping Costs to Jordan? Be a Smart Shipper!

shipping cost

There are some ways to reduce the shipping cost to Jordan: 

The good news that you are lucky and smart enough to find the right way to reduce your shipping costs. The proof is obvious. You reached this blog and are reading it.

Many of the most well-known shipping companies ship to Jordan, and they vary in prices. Some of these are DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Aramex.

However, we believe that the most popular ones are DHL and Aramex since they have representative headquarters here in Jordan, while the majority of the rest only have representing agents.

Both DHL and Aramex have a clear and easy way to estimate how much you need to pay for shipping beforehand. Yet, you need to be careful that there is something called volume metric.

The easiest way to comprehend what volume metric means is to give an example. So, let us assume that you need to ship an item that weighs 1.5 Kg, whereas its dimension is (25 Cm x 30 Cm x 20 Cm). The total equals 15,000.

To figure out how much is the weight you will be charged for through using DHL service, for example, you need to divide the total by 5,000. The result is 3 Kg. Now you will be charged for 3 Kg instead of 1.5 Kg because shipping companies usually charge you for the higher rate.

Another concern you need to consider is that you do not know exactly the size or the weight of the item, or how it is going to be measured. All you know is just estimation and wishful thinking!.

Nevertheless, you do not need to worry. There are two solutions you can resort to getting rid of all of this hustle:

First: There are some services affiliated with these big shippers that facilitate the shipping process and could be lower in cost as well.

MyUS and Shop & Ship and its affiliated Flex program can be a good solution for reducing your shipping costs. Both of them actually provide another service, which is a forward address that you can buy and ship your products to.

Yet, you need to be wary that you cannot be sure of how much you will be charged until your items get weighed at their facilities.

Second: Some services can give you what is called ” a Turnkey Solution”, whereby you can buy and ship your item from  A to Z without any extra hustle or worrying.

There may be several services that claim that they provide such a service, but we will mention just a few that have been tested: Klick & Shop, Cashbasaha, and Tojarcom.

Klick & Shop and Tojarcom work almost the same. Very easy, all you need is to approach either service by email, phone call, What’s App, or their social media accounts and submit what you want to buy and ship. In return, they come back to you with the total cost for you to consider before agreeing on the total cost.

For Cashbasha, it is an automated service, where you can select what you want from its affiliated stores Amazon and eBay. Then, it shows you how much does it cost you to be delivered to your doorstep instantly.

If you are satisfied with the cost, you can click check out and a cash collector calls you to get the money and you wait for the item to be delivered without any extra cost added.

They all seem to be helpful services. However, the difference between the first two and the latter is that the latter provides services to only two marketplaces, Amazon and eBay. On the other hand, the first two give you an additional variety of stores like Macy’s, Walmart, Nordstrom, and Nike.

Another slight difference between the three services is that only Tojarcom has an extended service of purchasing and shipping from Europe stores, while the other two only provide services from the US stores.

Although such services are considered a premium one as they do not ship directly from Chinese stores, you need to consider their service reviews and cost ratings. It is very easy to do so with the availability of their social media accounts. They are transparent about it.

shipping cost

Caveat: Sometimes you end up paying with these “Turnkey Solutions” the same as going directly with the big shipper services or even more.

Actually, these services use the big shippers for their shipping services

Yet, the big win for you is that you know how much you would pay beforehand including shipping, customs, and credit card fees.

You are using their services as a risk caution while using the shippers directly you only know the estimation of shipping cost alone.


Now, it is your turn to decide since you are the smart shopper. It only needs a little research to find out which one suits your needs and the rest is only details.

MORE FOR LESS 😊To accomplish your mission, try to avoid the pitfalls that a lot of online shoppers might get into!


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