What is New in Sports Fashion?

Sports brands become a daily-use fashion. Find out what is new for her.

In this blog, we are going over what famous sports brands are offering to give you a new look in your day-to-day activities, gym workout, and having drinks with your friends.

We will be going through what famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Under Armor, and Lulu Lemon have the latest:

Among all these brands, I liked Nike as the number one brand.  I guess no wonder why it is the number one as a sports brand in the world.

So, let us start with what Nike has:

The first one is the Nike Offline product. I don’t know what to call it, slippers or half sneakers half slipper. it is really amazing?

Have a look:

sports fashion

I believe Nike nailed it. It is a blend of comfort, design, fashion, and sports. The trick in this product is the midsole. It has brought the technology of comfort to give you a senseless feeling of tiredness.

The padding, foam, and texture help you to go over your day when you have a lot of activities to do. I believe what concerns you most in the morning is what to wear, especially when you have many assorted activities to do! comfort my friend.

This Nike Offline comes with two colors so far, white and black. It is supposed to be released on August 28.


This is not the end of the story. To complement your daily activity wear, Nike created another flavor of comfort outfit that can be matching your footwear.

Yet, the outfit collection that Nike has is so huge and diverse. It makes it hard for you to pick. Most of them look lovely.

We can start with the pants. Here is some comfort selection that can be used for multiple purposes.

nike pants

What these pants have in common is that they are customizable, comfortable, and flowing fit. Moreover, they combine modernity with originality. It gives the feeling that age is only a number.

When it comes to comfort and fashion, Nike has more. Look at these practical and trendy jumpsuits and flight suit:


Comfort has a meaning and its meaning here is Nike. These two models of jumpsuits make your put-on and move easier than ever.

The flight suit as Nike calls it, but I would call it an overhaul, is young but still for you. It is for a hard-working day; still, I feel I can do more: shopping, having a drink, and relax.

The last item for pants is for those who do not prefer very loose bottoms. Still, you can enjoy comfort but with a more sporty look.

Nike pants

This all today for bottoms and pants. Let us now see what Nike has as a matching top:

As pants, Nike has a big variety of tops, which makes you a bit confused about what to choose.  However, we will try to narrow down the menu for you.

Summer is not over yet. You still can enjoy your day time with these trendy mesh tees:

Nike shirts

Originality is still explicit in Nike with these Nike simple logo-shirts.

Nike shirts

At night, it might get some breeze, so you need some matching add-on. With these fleece, hoodies, and sweaters, you can complete your day with comfort and style:

Nike hoodes

Now, we come to the end of today’s Nike presentation. But to be honest, we can’t conclude our day without talking about one of the most innovative, tech-induced, and stylish sneakers of Nike: Vapormax

Nike Vapormax

These lovely sneakers, which I can describe as almost all-in-one shoes, are good for running in style, working out with agility, and having drinks with my friend with eye-catching shoes.

Simply it is lovely with all its styles and colors. They come for women, men, and kids. Everyone has a share.

If you like to know more about Nike’s latest products, you can visit it here.

We finished our story for Nike, now we come to the second-in-line sports behemoth, Adidas:

We will start with the pants. Adidas didn’t miss the race when it comes to comfort pants. Yet, it might not have loose ones like Nike, but still, it has some to offer.

What I like about Adidas is their original line, which still gives you a nostalgic feel and looks with some contemporary outfit.  This lovely set of pants, classic Adidas logo-t-shirt, and the jacket has the story:

adidas collection

Modernity has its share as well. These lovely sporty and everyday-activity pants can bring you all  in one:

adidas pants

When it comes to the trendy, new styles, we can see that big names can’t afford to miss the race. So, Adidas has also something to offer in the mesh line.


These mesh and sheer jackets could be a breathing and cooling add-on.

I believe, when it comes to the original and classic Adidas logo, these lovely t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies are where it is best expressed:

adidas shirts

Adidas has really a wide variety of shoes including ZX, Terrex, and NMD, in addition to its Original and Yeezy collections. But here we are focusing more on multi-purpose shoes and outfits.

Therefore, narrowing down Adidas huge menu, these two new sneakers are mind-boggling as they look comfortable, stylish, and light that can take your weight off the ground:

adidas shoes

These two shoes do not only have futuristic look but also give you the latest technology.  4D RUN was designed upon computer-generated data to give you the utmost comfort with its midsole.

Climacool is designed to make your foot breathe and feeling fresh. I believe this is what you need for an enjoyable run, workout, or just moving around for a longer time.

The third hero of the day is Under Armor:

Under Armour is considered a newcomer compared to Adidas and Nike. However, just to add some spices to the story, Under Armour came as an innovative solution with its moisture-wicking synthetic fabric to help athletes cool off.

Just another spice before we go, Under Armour used to be conceived as a man brand. But this is now only a myth, and you can see it yourself.

As innovation moves on with Under Armour, we will start our journey with this lovely and handful mask that was introduced as a result of COVID-19.

While it is difficult to work out wearing a mask, Under Armour’s invention claims to add another layer of protection against microbes and enjoy training at the same time. That is why it is on high demand and only available for now on pre-order.

As for the outfit, Under Armour is seen as a sort of all sports brand. It doesn’t have a big variety of pants, which makes our selection process easy. These two pants can be for multipurpose activities.

under armour pants

Medium loose pants can be used for your training day and walking around with friends. Wearing pants featuring the Under Armour logo can be eye-catching and express your agility.

T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies can be intriguing and trendy. Also, the menu for tops is not very wide. We managed to pick these four tops.

Under Armour shirts

The two hoodies might look like any regular classic hoodie, but this military mixed-colored t-shirt with its fast-dry feature is really something. It blends femininity, style, and toughness in one look.  The two hoodies can serve you as an Under Armour lover, who wants to complete her set.

When it comes to shoes, these lovely running sneakers can be used for working out and moving around for your daily activities. It is tech-like and modern-look sneakers.

under armour shoes

This is all for Under Armour. I need to confess that Under Armour in terms of originality and classic, it is a bit far off. It can be seen as all-new, young, and agile. Sometimes this is more than enough😍.

Visit Under Armour women’s new arrival for more details.

The fourth brand for today is Reebok.

Reebok has originality and it has managed to combine it with modernity to give us some lifestyle, lovely products.

For those who don’t know Reebok, it is owned by Adidas. It used to be a stand-alone brand but no more.

Another thing about Reebok is that it is an important brand. It has a special product line for crossfit. However, this is not our subject for today.

One last thing about Reebok before we go into action is that it has introduced a variety of new trends and technology to the market including Zigtech,  Floatride and Pump technologies, and EasyTone (though for the last one Reebok had been sued for cheeky advertisement).

Ok, enough talking and let us see what Reebok has to offer.

Well, fortunately, the variety of Reebok lifestyle closet is not that big, but it is delivering. First, let us have a look at these Classics Vector Track Pants with its Jackets and simple, cropped, Reebok-logo t-shirt.

reebok trank

The track pants and jacket can be unisex, whereas the t-shirt can be simply tweaked to be for males as well. This is the lovely thing about Reebok. It can be for everyone and every time.

We can add to this collection,  these two classical hoodies, and one crew sweatshirt.

reebok hoody

Again, it is simple and direct to the point. That is why you can simply add these two lovely Reebok-logo t-shirts and you can have a focused, simple, and multi-use collection. Reebok has made it very simple on your behalf😉.

reebok shirt

When it comes to pants, I don’t think that Reebok has a big specialty. But these two relax-looking pants can serve the purpose

reebok pant

The classic utility pants look wonderful with its loose feature and pockets,  while the washed pants give you the slim look with style. They are both trendy for sure.

We complete our set with Reebok with these out of the world shoe designs. You can see it yourself:

reebok shoes

But this is not unfamiliar with Reebok. It has been innovative and deliverable. It produces futuristic designs that offer agility, feels and look, and uplifting move. Among these lovely sneakers, Zig is my favorite😍.

Reebok, maybe a small collection, but it nailed it. Good for you👌.

To view all of Reebok’s newest items, you check them here.

So far, we have two more brands, Puma and Lulu Lemon. But honestly, I was disappointed with the first’s latest products. I couldn’t find something out of the ordinary except their regular classical logo shirts and sweaters.

The shoe section also is not that great, especially with the flashy colors they put on the shoes. Putting flashy colors is not enough to make your product trendy.

Another downside for Puma is its website design. If you compare it with the websites of the other brands mentioned here, you can see a big difference. Puma is missing the story.

By the way, I don’t know if you know that Adidas and Puma used to be one company. But they had split early on. Puma used to do well too. But I cannot see this now. I cannot blame Adidas for that.

Therefore, I don’t want to waste your time no more. So, let us dive into Lulu Lemon.

Although Lulu Lemon started in the late ’90s as a yoga-wear company, it has become more than that.

Yoga wear will be another subject for another day; today we are talking about lifestyle, which Lulu Lemon has entered. It actually has become part of what is known “athleisure“.

Athleisure is so related to this blog, however, we will talk about it in a more detailed perspective in another blog soon.

Well, let us see what Lulu Lemon has to offer:

Loot at these lovely pants that can be used for your relaxing yoga class and having a refreshing drink or meal with your friends after. Or even, it can be used for shopping or casual setting. It is trendy, young, and relaxing.

lulu lemon pants

As for Lulu Lemon tops, these two shirts and hoodies are perfect for training and after training. Like all the shirts and hoodies we described before, they are cozy, light, and multi-use tops. But they are Lulu Lemon if you care for the brand.

lulu lemon tops

For an outfit, these are the last items we have in our bag for today. These two skirts look lovely and simple for relaxing and something to put on while you are in a hurry.

lulu lemon skirt

The Glide Away slip skirt with its boyfriend tank looks like a perfect match. They are fast-drying and easy to wear put-on.

Lulu Lemon has no shoe product yet, but they have some interesting accessories. These two bags can be used for sports and other purposes.

lulu lemon bags

You don’t have to worry about your trips after the gym. With all these easy to wear and relaxing outfits, life is becoming easier.

For Lulu Lemon’s latest products click here.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed our journey with these lovely products. It might get you confused about what to pick. These are all good brand names. You can enjoy them and choose what your taste goes with.

Enjoy your workout and time, and life will enjoy you back. Just relax!!


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